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Welcome to Tea Plant Information Archive 2.0

Tea is among the three most widely consumed non-alcohol beverage worldwide. We here constructed a web-accessible Tea Plant Information Archive (TPIA). The updated release of TPIA includes 10 published genomes from cultivated and wild tea plants (C. sinensis, C. oleifera, C. lanceoleosa, , and C. chekiangoleosa), gene expression across 13 tissues and 8 stresses, transcriptomes of 176 samples (116 of them are newly published) from 136 Camellia species, variations of 350 tea accessions´╝î21 components in 3 major categories of metabolites (catechins, theanine, and caffeine) from two cultivated tea plants and 136 Camellia species, DNA methylome of 15 samples from normal tea leaves and stress treatments, collinear blocks and orthologous genes between 10 genomes as well as gene functional annotations of 10 genomes. A variety of useful and flexible tools, such as BLAST, Gene ID Convert, KEGG/GO Enrichment, Population Genetic Analysis, Correlation Analysis, and Primer Design, were also specially designed for searching data and assisting in breeding. We hope you enjoy using TPIA and cite it if you find the data benifit for your research. CHEERS!

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